This video review presents the best full-service resorts in Australia.

Sandy beaches with magnificent views, crystal clear water ideal for taking a dip in it, hotels with comfortable apartments and charming atmosphere, design solutions that have made the interior of these places inspiring to renew your inner peace. All this and much more are represented in these wonderful vacation spots.

Australia's all-inclusive resorts are the perfect way to experience true carefree frivolity and ease of your everyday life. These places also have everything you need to spend a vacation with your family, a variety of entertainment, children's play areas, gyms, and more.

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Here is a list of resorts from the video:

1. Elysian Retreat 0:47
2. Lizard Island Resort 1:57
3. Oaks Hervey Bay Resort and Spa 2:57
4. Orpheus Island Lodge 3:30
5. Paradise Resort Gold Coast 4:13
6. Peppers Beach Club 5:05
7. Peppers Salt Resort & Spa 6:23
8. Thala Beach Nature Reserve 7:35
9. The Retreat Beach Houses 8:30
10. Tingirana Noosa 9:17

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