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Leading foreign exchange broker with strong trading conditions. VastWealth line up its own clients' needs and financial goals by giving outstanding trading services. Also, VastWealth provides detailed, skilled investment assistance and a safeguarded and user-friendly online trading atmosphere. Customers can invest and trade their place and limits with a rich gathering of investment options.

Through their multi-asset trading program, all devices, Customers may select from a vast range of assets such as currencies, stocks, commodities and energies, derivatives, and many more.

Why Vastwealth and Who We Are?

VastWealth was created by a group of traders and financial specialists having a meaningful experience in the Forex, CFD, and Equity markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. This has facilitated a selection of the best solutions to achieve the main goal - to make available transparent Forex trading to clients from all walks of life, with easy accessibility and protection.

VastWealth delivers cutting-edge trading outcomes for kinds of traders as well as beginners to trading. VastWealth feels proud of its trading platform UIX designed for a lower learning curve, which has helped many newcomers to become successful traders. VastWealth offers its clients superior implementation technology, lower distances, and unique liquidity on a variety of instruments in Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Indices, and commodities.

Values of Vastwealth

Transparency: VastWealth offers permit real-time information about market conditions and prices.

Confidentiality: VastWealth respects its client’s privacy and security and never discloses client information.

Sincerity and Trust: Customers are backed by a credible global forex trader with strong moral precepts.

Loyalty and Responsibility: VastWealth have traders’ interests in its nature and it makes sure that their individual needs are always met.

Creative Solutions: With VastWealth customers can have access to the latest technologies for trading.

Accessibility: Customers can have easy access to use their trading platforms with personalized Account Manager service.

Our Mission: VastWealth's goal is to create the best and most straightforward trading atmosphere for retail and institutional clients alike authorizing traders to focus more on their trading.

VastWealth is committed to providing all its clients with a reliable and affordable service of the highest quality with a personal and confidential approach regardless of experience or the size of the investment.

VastWealth has traders' attention at its basis and makes sure that their desires are always met as the markets continue to grow up.

Simple Trading: VastWealth kept customers in mind while designing everything. Its easy-to-use platforms are created to make trading faster, clear, and easy.

Best Trading conditions:

  • 1:400 Leverage
  • Tier 1 liquidity
  • Low Spread

Experienced Trader! If you are fully confident with your skills and strategies then Open a Live Account with them and start trading. Products

  1. Forex

Why Forex: VastWealth offers its customers access worldwide and major currency pairs confirming keeping up-to-date with the latest products, trading tools, and platforms.

24-Hour Market: The market is open 24 hours a day in various parts of the world, from 5 p.m. EST on Sunday until 4 p.m. EST on Friday. Customers can trade 24/7*

Flexible Leverage: Customers t can get a much bigger orientation to the market they’re trading than the amount they deposited to open the trade

Liquidity: At VastWealth, with high liquidity, customers can trade in significant sizes without large variances in the sale rate.

No Commission: No Hidden charges enjoy free access to 100 plus instruments, with no commission or account management fees.

  1. Commodities

Although VastWealth offers a variety of currency pairs from major to exotic, it offers traders the ability to trade a variety of commodities.

Metals are a form of commodity trading and are traded on a metal exchange. Gold and silver are known as precious metals and have recently become a popular form of derivatives trading.

Energy If you want to play the oil markets, choose energy trading with VastWealth because oil trading offers excellent profit opportunities in almost all markets. After all, this is a highly liquid asset class.

Why Trading with VastWealth

Investing in commodities with VastWealth helps hedge against the risk of unpredictable events adversely affecting financial markets, thereby limiting portfolio losses.

  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Daily market analysis
  • Very low spread
  • Local and global funding
  • Personal account manager
  • Security and Control
  1. Crypto Currency

Why Crypto: Cryptocurrency is a digital/virtual currency without a centralized physical entity/controller. Crypto trading, Cryptocurrency price map via CFDs, or buying and selling major coins on a trading account.

Diversification: Diversifying your crypto portfolio is investing your money in different crypto projects to reduce the risk if one or more projects do poorly.

Transparency: Most blockchains are open software. This means that anyone and everyone can see the code. This allows auditors to review cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for security.

Liquidity: Liquidity is important for all traded assets, including cryptocurrencies. High liquidity means there is a stable market with price fluctuations.

Fast and cheap: Trading in cryptocurrencies is fast and cheap compared to other trading instruments.

Why VastWealth: Cryptocurrency Trading Digital Assets has emerged as the world's fastest-growing asset class with the trust of 70M+ traders, major banks, and institutional and world-renowned investors.

VastWealths offers a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading experience to every client, from beginners to experts on a powerful and user-friendly platform:

  1. Some trading platforms
  2. Daily market analysis
  3. Ultra-low diffusion
  4. Local and global funding
  5. Personal account manager
  6. Security and Monitoring

Available Cryptos:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  1. Indices Trading

With VastWealth, you can buy, sell and trade NASDAQ, SP500, Nikkei, and many other stock indices.

Stock indices such as S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, NIKKEI 225, ASX 200, and more. Open long and short positions to profit from rising and falling markets. Create a successful index trading strategy and use VastWealth's award-winning platform to improve your trading results.

VastWealth provides a robust trading infrastructure, reliable software, and a user-friendly interface for trading global stock indices. Enjoy low costs and solid coverage by building a diverse portfolio of existing merchandise.

Why the index?

Stock indices provide a simple but effective way to trade the overall economic performance of a country. Stock indices can fluctuate significantly in value due to a variety of technical and fundamental factors, and VastWealth allows traders to profit from the falls and rises of the market with a variety of trading tools and charting software.

Fast Access: Single Stock Index CFD contracts allow traders to access global markets faster and more efficiently at lower prices.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis:

Traders can analyze market trends and implement profitable trading strategies by paying attention to global economic events and chart patterns.

Easy for professionals and students:

Trading a single stock index is something that a major fund manager can do as well as a startup in the trading space.

Why VastWealth?

Be part of the largest and most popular marketplace with VastWealth. Start trading the S&P 500, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, HANG SENG, ASX 200, and more in minutes! Save on fees when you trade with VastWealth, which offers the lowest commission rates in the industry.

Some of VastWealth trading platform features:

  • Daily market analysis
  • Ultra-low diffusion
  • Local and global funding
  • Personal account manager
  • Security and Monitoring
  1. Stock CFDs

Trading Stock CFDs: Trading stocks from giant brands like Apple and Alibaba is a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Global markets: Most CFD brokers offer products that allow access to the world's major markets 24/7. Investors can trade CFDs on a variety of global markets.

Accessibility: You don't need to log into multiple platforms to trade different markets. Everything is available in one login, wherever you need it - you can shop through your web browser, phone, or tablet.

Minimum Investment: You can start trading CFDs with minimal initial investment compared to other instruments that require more investment to start trading.

Higher returns: CFD trading allows traders to open their positions in rising and falling markets, allowing them to take advantage of all market movements and obtain higher returns with lower investments.

Why trade CFDs with VastWealth

The best thing about Uniglobe Market is the variety of services we offer to our customers today. Whether trading in currency pairs, commodities, or stocks, we continue to expand our market reach and now offer almost no fees for many multinational companies.


  • Availability of a range of trading tools and indicators.
  • Possibility of simplified navigation
  • Fairly fast placement of trades
  • Acceptable fees


  • Customer service is too bad
  • No low-income account opportunity


I found this platform to be intuitive and easy to navigate. The various tools and features were well-organized and labeled, making it simple to find what I was looking for. I particularly appreciated the customizable dashboard, which allowed me to prioritize the information and metrics that were most relevant to me. 

One more aspect of the platform that I found helpful was the clear and concise instructions provided throughout. The only thing is that the fees and commissions were a bit higher than I would have liked.

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