Why Are Digital Currencies Trading Best At the Moment?

Why Are Digital Currencies Trading Best At the Moment?

If you are looking for a simple answer to the question, “Why Are Digital Currencies Trading Best At the Moment”, then the most appropriate answer will be “Because of the digitalization of the economy”.

Digitalization is a concept where everything follows the current technological advancement which makes everything simple to reach everywhere around the globe. Everything is adopting this concept nowadays. In fact, our whole society is now racing to reach the ultimate level of digitalization.

Digital currency is a part of this modern concept. Starting from a 3rd world growing country to a first-world western country, you can see digital currencies are getting more popular day by day. 

However, if you are exactly want to find out the reasons behind the popularity of digital currencies in the modern world then you need to know further about digital money. And you may start a business with all the modern trading features at eurodailyrobot.com. Here we will discuss everything so that you will not need to look anywhere else. So, stay with us till the end.

What Is Digital Currency?

Simply, digital currency or digital money is a type of currency that only exists in electronic media. It is not like paper money or coin that you can use to buy things. However, digital currencies can be used in all types of transactions including shopping & bill payment & all you can think of that money can do. It can be transferred & accounted for using online systems. The most common names of digital currencies are electronic money, digital money, electronic currency, cybercash, etc.

Types of digital Currencies

To know further about digital currencies you should learn the types of digital money. Here are the four basic types of digital money trading best now:


Bitcoin is widely known & perhaps the most popular digital money out there. It operates free of any central control or oversight of the government on the banks of each country. Instead, it relies on peer-to-peer software and cryptography. It was first designed by US National Security Agency. The cryptography behind bitcoin currency is based on the SHA-256 algorithm. This is one of the safest digital money & there are more than (22^56) Keyes that need to be cracked if anyone wants to access this illegally.

The process of Bitcoin transaction is quite simple & straightforward. The transactions of bitcoin are broadcasted to the network. Those are also shared from node to node. Those transactions are collected together every 10 minutes by different miners who work in a group. This group is literally called a block. Their main work is to record those transactions permanently on the blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash

Some people misunderstand Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash as one substance which is absolutely wrong, Bitcoin currency is totally a different story. However, it is related to bitcoin.

The transaction of bitcoin is reliable, but it has some flaws. The transaction time of bitcoin is quite slow. For a single transaction, it may take a few minutes which can be really frustrating for some customers. To overcome this situation bitcoin cash has been created. The main theme of bitcoin currency is to bring decentralization back to cryptocurrency as Bitcoin currency itself is a cryptocurrency. When two existing bitcoin blockchains split into two then it works as Bitcoin cash. It allows a large number of transactions to be completed in a single block which saves a lot of time. The fees for every transaction through Bitcoin cash are also lower compared to bitcoin.


Litecoin or LTC is also related to Bitcoin. Similar to bitcoin cash, it also was created from a fork of the bitcoin blockchain in 2011. It also is a digital cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was very popular from the beginning. It has some flaws as we have mentioned earlier like higher costs or delayed transactions. That is when different mining firms thought that this is being too centrally controlled. It created a great problem for mining firms in large-scale transactions & to gain the upper hand in mining. That is when they created Litecoin which is an easily minable digital currency for mining firms.


Unlike the other two digital currencies we mentioned earlier, Ripple is not related to Bitcoin. It has its own cryptocurrency which is known as XRP. It is also a blockchain-based digital payment network. It was first introduced in 2012. It is quite different from Bitcoin cash & Litecoin. Other than blockchain mining it uses a consensus mechanism along with some bank-owned servers for each transaction.

The main process of ripple transaction is a payment settlement asset which is exchanged as a remittance system. It is quite similar to the SWIFT system as well which is for international security & money transfers.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

If you think that Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDC are related to the central bank of a country then you are absolutely right. It is one special type of digital currency that is issued by the central banks of different countries. This is quite different from the regular currency of a country or from other digital currencies. But the control of this digital currency is based on the same author & credit of a central bank. It can ease monetary policy implementation by removing intermediaries from the policy. It is done by establishing a direct connection between the government & the individual citizen. For transactions of this currency, there is no need for other commercial banks or any financial institution, the central bank alone is responsible for distributing this digital currency.

Advantages of Digital Currency

  • If you have gone through all the things we have mentioned above then you may already have realized the reason behind the popularity of digital currencies. To make things easier here we have stated some main advantages of digital money:

  • There is no need for physical storage like paper notes & coins requires.

  • No need to carry an extra wallet for money, your smart device is enough for any transaction at any place.

  • It has made the accounting record system simple & easier. That is why there is no need for separate bookkeeping or ledger.

  • It has made the banking & transaction system easier.

  • The time & cost for each transaction has cut to the minimum level possible using digital currency.

  • It removes any intermediary from the monetary system.

  • Those who are unbanked can also participate in the economy just by a simple transaction of digital currency.

  • There is no chance of theft or stilling digital money, although account hacking is a different issue.


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