Why did you choose icaustralia.com For your Australian immigration consultant?

Why did you choose icaustralia.com For your Australian immigration consultant?

Australia, A dream country for people all over the globe, especially for people from Asia & Africa. We predict that includes you as well. It is a first world country with a strong economy, magnificent opportunity for education & jobs, great lifestyle & many more. Those are the things that attracted you, isn’t it? If you are tired of trying hard to get to Australia then it is time for you to put a stop to your tensions. Immigration Consultants of Australia (IC Australia) can provide you with the best support that you are searching for.

What Makes Us Special?

We have a very high rate of successful immigrants who have moved to Australia in recent years. You may think that we are bluffing like most other Immigrant Consultancy Agents. You have your reasons if you do so because there are so many so-called agencies that just waste people’s time & money with no successful result. You will be happy to know that our Immigration Consultancy is made up of MARA (Migration Agents Regulatory Authority). If you have done a lot of research on how to immigrate to Australia then you must have known that MARA is a government-regulated authority that allows migration agents to assist individuals & groups in their visa applications for Australia.

Why Is It Difficult to Immigrate to Australia?

If you have been researching immigrating to Australia then you must have learned that it is a very difficult thing to get there as an individual. We will not say that it is impossible, but it is quite lengthy. We have seen many students who have almost expired validity as a student but did not get the Australian visa yet. It really is frustrating for everyone.

You will be shocked to know that every day hundreds or maybe thousands of individuals are applying for Australian visas but very few get the chance to immigrate there. The government has drawn many restrictions & rules which are responsible for this low percentage of immigrants. Why wouldn’t the government? It is a first-world country with first-class opportunities for every individual. If people all over the globe start moving easily then the economy will collapse soon enough.

Another thing that makes some applicants' verification denied is that they do not understand the procedure properly. If you have tried to apply for an Australian visa then you might have realized that it really is a complex process. There are different things you need to deal with including laws, government policies, the educational system, job requirements & so on. Some people find it exhausting only to understand what papers & information they need to submit for a valid application. If you make a single mistake then your application will be rejected immediately. That is why we always suggest getting expert advice to get rid of this labyrinth of the application procedure.

Why Choose Us?

We never say that we are the only agency that allows this type of service with a higher rate of success. But the thing is, we care for each individual & always try to support & be truthful to those who trust us. Even we do not have a 100% success rate for immigration. However, if there is an issue that we can not solve which is a must for an Australian visa then we will let you know immediately. Like some other consultancy centers, we will never waste your valuable time. However, if you have each & every legal documents that we will ask for then there is no way that you will not be successful to immigrate in Australia.

Another thing we have mentioned earlier is that our immigration consultancy is made up of Migration Agents Registration Authority Advisors (MARA). That is why there is nothing that we do not know about this immigration process. If you lack any documents we will help you to get that in a short time legally. If you do not understand anything we will be always there for you until it is crystal clear to you.

What Types of Visas Do We Process?

Actually, if it is related to Australian immigration then we can proceed with that. No matter if you are thinking to move there permanently or just give a visit as a tourist. No matter if you are a student or looking for a job in Australia, we help to get all types of Australian visas. The most popular 7 basic types that our consultancy team deals with are:

  • Business Visa
  • Family Visa
  • General Skilled Migration Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Temporary Work Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa

What Else Do We Offer?

As an immigration consultancy, our main duty is to help you to proceed with the type of visa you are willing to get. If anyone of you has difficulties choosing which type of visa will be helpful for him/her with the best chance of success we also can help you with that. There will be a personal assistant from our consultancy group who will be there for you at every step. Therefore, if you really are willing to immigrate to your dream country then give us a chance & thank us later for the rest of your life.

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